Has My Luck Come Around?

IMG_0304Tonight I pulled three tarot cards and asked if my luck was coming around.  I have a had a bit of bad luck lately from several different sources.  First I think there has been some spirit issues around the house and possibly with my partners family.  Second I think there has been some jinxing just from the disrespect and lack of discipline I have with my own body.

The first card I got was the Queen of Cups.  In this position I took it to represent previous situation instead of a person.  The card shows a beautiful woman in a blue dress walking on top of water with sea turtles swimming under her.  She looks like she is in control and knows whats going on.  I believe this references my previous reading since the queen of cups is so intuitive.

The second card I got was the Seven of Pentacles.  It shows a sylvan looking girl picking a plump fruit from a tree with a star emblazoned on it.  There are six other fruits in the tree.  She is harvesting them and she already has some other fruits in her bowl.  I take this card to mean that the work I’ve done to change my luck is come to fruition.  Like harvesting hard work.

The third card I got was The Emperor.  It shows a horned man with an Ahnk of Life hanging from one horn.  He is holding an orb or disc in his hands with a dragon inscribed on it.  He is a man of order and earthly power.  Learning through experience.  I believe he is in a future position, and if it isn’t me, then I don’t know what the meaning is yet.


Mars Attacks (Not the Movie)

Roman Soldier

Holy fuck. All I can say is that the power of the god of war is awesome. I invoked his power tonight and expected the cool sobering strength of a general. And instead I got the power of a fella on the front line with a really big gun.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. It’s not because nothing’s been going on, it’s been because too much has been going on on a spiritual level, but that is entirely a good thing. I’ve had too much to write about and didn’t know where to start.

So here I am. My partner has told me that he is still plagued by the smiling man (which is a spirit), the one that showed up around Christmas time. See earlier posts referencing this. He says that he dreams about him and that he basically lives and/or sleeps on our couch.

I was indifferent about Mars till I invoked him in my temple. I had planned on doing it as a matter of course since I am invoking all of planets. I wasn’t afraid of Mars, but I felt no affinity with him either. A very neutral feel.

Let me tell you that he has come through very strong. I’m ready to fight now, which is strange for a pacifist. The ultimate result was an ultimatum. Either the smiling man assists my work, or he goes. And by goes I mean damnation. I threatened it. I think I can do it. And the spirit won’t like it.

I’m a little shocked quite frankly. I’ve never been heavy handed with a spirit. I’m kinda excited really. I took on the full mantle of the magician and took control of the situation. Not just the mantle of a parlor trick kinda guy either. The kind that controls spirits and is in control of his destiny.

I see this as a positive thing. Unlike me, but a good thing. I can’t wait to see what’s in store from this point forward.

New Direction and Practice Update

Romuvan ritual fire

After a summer of searching and learning and reading I have finally evened out when it comes to my Spiritual Life. I have a few spiritual practices and rituals that are working good for me that I am excited about. I’m learning all the time, like when I finally made the connection about Omens and Synchronicity, but I’m not really in a hurry anymore.

I’m more on board with banishing rituals and meditation and I feel more comfortable working with Spirits. And then there is a more practical side to my practice, although getting all the ingredients I need for an operation can be cost prohibitive on a short term basis. So it’s good I’m not in a hurry anymore.

One thing that’s emerged from all of it is better direction in my life. You need direction if you are going to work with Spirits or with magic. I really needed it and I’m glad to have it. Thinking about what I want for my life in a year or two years is a really good thing.

The other thing is that I haven’t really felt like posting about some of it. Like I shouldn’t post about everything. I guess the occult is called the occult for a reason.

Work has finally gotten busier (maybe a result of Spiritual Practice) which is an awesome thing. And then I’ve been running more. I have a 5k scheduled and am in 10k training. In other words it has started to get difficult to keep everything balanced in all the different parts of my life.

I’m excited and happy regardless of any balance issues, which I’m sure can get resolved with consistent effort.

Summoning Raphael

English: Taken from http://www.allposters.com/...

I have been attempting to summon the archangels. Raphael was today for Mercury and Wednesday. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and is therefore good with communication. Raphael is good with healing.

My mine goal with the ritual was to as for Raphael to get Mercury’s power working in my life. Among a few other things, my other goal is just to get to know the angel. I don’t think reading about the planet or the angel is enough. I believe I am going to have to work with them to really understand their attributes and how they can affect me.

During the ritual I took some time to meditate and noticed some tingling at my temples. It became a little more intense as the meditative breathing continued, and it was something that I am not used to experiencing regularly. I checked a website and found some references to Raphael’s presence, one being tingling and vibrations.

I asked if Raphael wanted anything for working with me and he requested I blog about my experience. Hence this blogpost. Thanks Raphael.

Why Am I Seeing All These Foxes?

Fox BinOmens. Apparently what I used to think of as synchronous events really are considered omens. And the definition definitely makes sense. Omens and synchronous events are when I think the Universe is trying to get my attention about something or trying to tell me something. So I am making an effort to pay more attention to them and to start asking questions about them.

For example, I am seeing foxes everywhere. And I never see foxes! They are running across the road in front of my car, I’m seeing them in cartoons, and in stores.

So since I am taking omens more seriously now I took a little time to do some research. First I did a Tarot reading and just asked the Universe what the foxes meant. The explanation I read was that I may have to let go, move on, and leave something behind (Six of Swords), but that it will be really positive for my life (The Sun, King of Pentacles).

The second bit of detective work included a search on traditional omens including foxes. The simplistic version of the explanation I found stated that I would be presented with an opportunity. Which basically just confirms and supports the Tarot reading.

Taking advantage of an opportunity would definitely be a way that I could let go of something and move on. So now I’ve got my eyes peeled for this opportunity. I should do some more divining on what the opportunity or change will be and how I can prepare.

A Personality Shift


I recently had the privilege to be on a strategic planning team at my employer. I say privilege because it was very high level and educational. I honestly haven’t been so mentally stimulated since either my licensing exams or college.

I took some interesting things away from the experience which basically involve human psychology and self reflection.

I think I have evolved from a clean cut collegiate businessman into one of those weird artsy kids from high school (no offense).

During the meetings I kept getting frustrated because I felt my teams weren’t thinking outside the box enough. Instead of answering the specific questions laid out before us, I felt like it would be good to consider the spirit of the question and try to get at what the question really wanted to know. I wanted a high level discussion, but they just wanted to answer the question.

I of course got blank stares when my answers or suggestions were not quite mainstream. I even tried to say something stimulating! And I got nothing in return. I suppose thinking outside the box infers that you keep one foot in the box when you do it.

I think I must now apologize for ranting.

Anyways…my other observation this week involves a sinuous line. A coworker showed me four shapes. A square, a circle, a triangle, and a sinuous line. When asked which one I preferred, I answered the sinuous line. This apparently suggests that I am more the creative sort. I guess I liked it because it stood out to me from the others. The others looked too similar.

I think I’ve encountered some sort of personality shift. And I think I need a new job.

I very lightly asked the universe if this coincidence is some sort of omen, and and the universe basically said ‘not really.’  Which is ok.  It’s just something I’ve noticed.

Spirit Offerings


Tonight I made offerings to the spirits around my house. Last night I banished any kind of evil presence and summoned some guardians in my upper room. I’ve been quite busy trying some new things.

The spirit offering moment I had tonight was fairly simplistic yet joyful. I prepped the offering, which was a magical forest incense stick and a shot of whiskey, and took it outside to offer to the spirits. When I say spirits in this context I think of nature spirits or dryads in particular, but it’s quite possible there were others present.

Among the words that were spoken I lit the incense and stuck it in the ground at the base of one of my favorite trees (the one I reikied) and poured the whiskey on the ground. After that I rubbed my hands together to gather energy and released it as offering to mix with the incense.

The first and most noticeable result from the rituals is that each time I do one I literally come away with my eyes wide open. I feel alert. It’s very energizing.

This is part of a system of rituals that can and probably should be done regularly. Even while writing this post I still feel very content from performing it.